Rick Lasquete

Rick Lasquete
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Salt & Pepper
Height: 6' 1"

Cast Images Talent Agency
  voice: 916.444.9655
  fax:  916.444.2093

Union: SAG-AFTRA Core
  Quitters     Supporting (Waiter/Manager at Cafe Kelly)           Fredrick&Ashbury/Noah Pritzker dir.  
  Unlucky Stars     Supporting (Customer 1)           Prototype Monks Prods./Dennis Ruel dir.  
  Journey of Dreams     Principal (Prince)           Cherry Mir Newton dir.  
  Ru     Principal (Father)           A Happa Film Prods./Jeff Fong dir.  
  All The Wrong Moves     Principal (Jeff)           Asian Mainstream Prods/Maria Fe Picar dir.  
  These Will Do     Principal (Randy)           Kevin D. Wong dir.  
  Falling Uphill     Featured (Dr. Arthur Holiman)           Rick Bosner dir.  
  The Other Side of the Wall     Principal (David )           Lou Barbarelli dir.  
  The Mistress     Principal (Lanh)           Meagan Bernabe dir.  
  Moneyball     Featured(FOX News Reporter)           Bennet Miller dir./Columbia Pics  
  Playground of Dreams     Supporting (Cab Driver)           Shireen Daryadel dir.  
  Two Mothers     Principal (Rob)           Deepa Pathak dir.  
  The Interview     Principal (Rick)           Rick Osmon dir.  
  The Last Stop     Supporting (Nurse's Father)           Jazmin Jamias dir.  
  Possessed      Supporting (Detective Bill Snyder)           Mel Bell-Grey dir.  
  Charades     Principal (Eric)           Judy Zimbleman dir.  
  Copy & Pastry     Featured (Blind Man)           Scott McCabe/Tory Stanton dirs.  
  One Son     Principal (Dai Lo)           Chris Ortiz dir.  
  Flight To Sinai     Featured (David's Father)           Charlie Vaughn dir.  
  (Untitled Michael Lannan Comedy)     Supporting (Venture Capitalist)           HBO/Andrew Haigh dir.  
  I (Almost) Got Away With It     Featured (Sheriff)           ID Channel/Ted Leonard dir.  
  I (Almost) Got Away With It     Featured(Burbank FBI Agent)           ID Channel  
  I (Almost) Got Away With It     Featured(Bike Policeman)           ID Channel  
  Trauma (4 Episodes)     Police Officer, SWAT Officer,Firefighter,Tourist           NBC Network Television  
  World's Astonishing News!     Ghost, Editor, Press Person, Doctor           Japanese Television (5 Episodes)  
  Cisco      Principal (CIO John Sumati)           Cisco In House Prods.  
  Linked In Privacy Policy (Web)     Principal (Hands)           Beyond Pix Prods./Tony Welch dir.  
  Intel Tech Tidbits Website Video     Principal (Facebook/Twitter Ask Man)           Creative Clarity Group  
  CHOMP Web/Internet/Print     Co-Star (Exercising Man)            Atomic Productions  
  CloudDataSystems(Android)     Principal (CEO)           Oliver Ferrasci  
  CloudDataSystems(ADX Mtg)      Principal (CEO)           Oliver Ferrasci  
  Logitech     Co-Star (Husband/Family)           John O'Neil Productions  
  Cloud Data Systems(ADX Intro)      Principal (CEO)           Oliver Ferrasci  
  Joy Stimulus Package     Co-Star (Laughing Man)           Vanessa & Temi  
  Yahoo! Mobile Web Commercial     Co-Star (Husband)           Kaboom Productions  
  Sprint Website Video     Featured (Fisherman)           Auto Fuss  
  NYC Medical Information     Principal (Doctor)           UC Davis/Impact Media  
  Cisco Jib Jab Video     Body Double           Cisco  
  Blaze Broker Website Video     Principal (Spokesperson)           JMaverick Productions  
  Safeway Produce      Principal (Hands)           Corro Films  
  Northern Ca. Honda Odyssey     Principal (Surfer Dad)           Handcrafted Media  
  Max Muscle     Principal (Hero)           Comcast Sports Net  
  Livermore RAPID Transit Authority     Principal (Rider)           Comcast Spotlight  
  Neptune Society     Principal            Evolve Media  
  HP/Intel eMO      Supporting           eMotion Studios  
  Belvedere Luxury Condos     Principal (Couple)           Comcast Spotlight  
  Pillar Data Systems     Principal (CEO)           Empty Kingdom Productions  
  Medtronics     Co-Star (Scientist Researcher)           GroupDelphi Productions  
  Kaplan College     Prinicipal (Spokesperson)           JP Marketing  
  My AHA Moment     Principal (Testimonial)           Mutual Of Omaha  
  Limn Design Furniture     Principal (Couple)           International  
  The Hunger Tour     Co-Star (Multiple Roles)           Melvina Jones dir.  
  Grandfather's Journey (Musical)     Principal (Grandfather)           Bruce Bierman dir.  
  Each Hour of Midnight     Principal (Pi)           Allison Combs dir.  
  Sweetie Tanya: The Demon Barista Of Valencia St.      Featured (Musical)           Dan Wilson dir.  
  One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest     Co-Star (Dale Harding)           John Ribovich dir.  
  Western Health Advantage     Principal (Couple)            Runyon,Saltzman&Einhorn  
  Telluride/Mt. Village Tourism     Principal (Dad/Family)           Doug Berry Photography  
  River Rock Casino     Man/Couple           Tanya Constantine Photography  
  Ellington Luxury Condos     Principal (Urban Lifestyle)           Richard Seagraves  
  Motorola     Featured (Power Plant Worker)           Motorola  
  RHDG Law Enforcement Textbook Cover      Principal (Undercover Cop/Medical Examiner)           Genevieve Shiffrar  
  California Pacific Medical Center     Co-Star (Cardio Patient)           CPMC Marketing  
  Verizon Wireless 3rd Qtr Business Catalog     Principal (Businessman)            Musilek, Inc.  
  John Muir Hospital Robot Campaign     Principal (Surgeon)           Stratagem Health Care  
  Arden Hills Country Club & Spa     Co-Star (Chef)           Bret Cota Productions  
  Zigbee.Org     Principal (Business Man holding logo)           Global Inventures  
  Porn For Women Book - 3rd Edition     Principal (Husband/Boyfriend Hero)            Chronicle Books  
  AT&T     Principal (Man/Couple)           Haggin Marketing  
  Clark's Register     Principal (Male Clothes Model)           Santa Cruz  
  Live Events  
  Hair Razing Race     Supporting (Facilitator-Multiple Events Ongoing)           Comedy Theater Productions  
  Oh Yes! Show     Supporting (Brand Ambassador)           Oprah Winfrey Productions  
  Dare To Be Truthful     Principal (Putting it Together Cabaret Show)           MBar (Hollywood)  
  Second Chances Show     Principal (One Man Cabaret Show)           Plush Room (SF)  
  Cast Recording - Sweetie Tanya     Supporting (Coffee Crush, Cast)           Cassandra Calls  
  Film Acting     Warren David Keith, Giovannie Espiritu           San Francisco  
  Directing Film Actors     Rob Nilsson           Emeryville  
  Film Acting     Celia Shuman, Jessica Heidt           San Francisco  
  Acting Improvisation-Viola Spolin     Marcia Kimmel           San Francisco  
  Dance Movement, Modern     Tonya Marie Amos, Hillary Bryan           San Francisco  
  Musical Theater Year Long Program     Joshua Finkel           Los Angeles  
  Vocal & Alexander Technique     Eleanor England, Robert Britton           San Francisco  
  Acting      Bobby Weinapple, Andrew Utter           San Francisco  
  Speech Level Singing     Cary Sheldon           Berkeley  
  Voiceover     Tom Chantler, Elaine Clark           San Francisco  
  Vocal Technique     Richard Nickol, Faith Winthrop, Thomas Hampsen           San Francisco  
  Skills & Languages  
  Actor, Print Model.
Tech: Teleprompter,Audioprompter/ Languages: Conversational Polish,some German,Russian,Spanish,French [Good Accents]/ Trained Film-TV-Theater Actor, Good Improv,Trained Singer(Baritone w/Tenor tendencies),Read Music/ Athletic:(Basketball,Baseball,Rock Climbing,Dancing,Skydiving,Skiing (Water and Snow),Swimming,Snorkeling,Fire Walking/ Accents:Chinese (British Hong Kong,Cantonese),Filipino,Japanese,Irish,Scottish, British,French,Spanish, Slavic Languages/ Weapons-trained,Ex-Military Intelligence (Spy)/ Have played Doctors,Firefighters,SWAT, Police,Fisherman,Cardio Patient,Crime Syndicate Boss,Husband,Father,News Reporter,Cab Driver,CEO&Executive Businessman,IT Professional,Writer,Utility Worker,Blue Collar.